The overarching goal of the International Conference on Multi-hazard Approaches to Civil Infrastructure Engineering (ICMAE) to be held in Chicago, Illinois June 26-27, 2014, is to promote the mitigation of the impact of natural and human-made hazards on society. The conference has a strong interdisciplinary character focusing on issues related to reliability analysis, risk determination, risk evaluation and risk management for natural and human-made hazards, and disaster response and recovery.

Specific themes discussed during the conference include:

  • methodologies for vulnerability assessment of structures, including both the general, overall methodologies, and the detailed procedures to estimate the system demands and the structural and component capacities;
  • new techniques to reduce the system demands through control systems;
  • instrumentation, monitoring and condition assessment of structures and foundations, to determine the need to strengthen them, a key step in assessing the vulnerability of existing structures;
  • new techniques for repairing structures that have suffered damage during past events or structures that have been found in need of strengthening, using conventional and new materials (fiber reinforced composites for instance);
  • development of new design provisions that consider multiple hazards;
  • and interdisciplinary participation of social scientists and scholars in law and the humanities with cultural, political, economic, ethical and legal expertise relevant to the management of natural and human-made hazards.

The conference features a number of presentation from scholars and practitioners from diverse national and professional background.