2006 Structures Congress, St. Louis, MO

This year's Structures Congress is themed "Structural Engineering and Public Safety" and will  include nine tracks including two tracks reserved for the 17th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference. The congress will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, May 18-20, 2006. See you there!

2005 Structures Congress, New York, NY

With the first signs of Spring in Michigan loud and clear, my destination will be the Big Apple to attend Structures Congress 2005. This is a major yearly conference organized by the Structural Engineering Institute (an ASCE organization). My main purpose is to attend the meeting SEI's Wind Effects Committee.

2005 Geo-Frontiers, Austin, TX

Geo-Frontiers 2005, held in Austin, Texas, January 24-26, was a great opportunity to escape the sub-freezing temperatures of Michigan. What a change that was! From -20 to +70 degrees!

Getting there was an adventure in itself. Driving to the airport usually takes about 40 minutes. However, on that day it took over 3 hours because of a major snow strom. Driving was at 25 mph at best and visibility was practically zero, especially when a truck passes by. I escaped a major accident and left behind a tractor trailer in the ditch... better in the ditch than over my car!



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